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index.html: The D-Factory Manufacturing Execution System
D-Factory will re-invent the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), scaled to small, simple manufacturing operations.
We build on existing industry knowledge of (big) MES systems, keeping only the characteristics that are useful in smaller operations.
architecture.html: Architecture
Possible architectures for D-Factory
biblio.html: Bibliography
A useful Bibliography
diagram-minimal.html: Minimal MES Diagram
Diagram of a minimal Manufacturing Execution System
[from 'White Paper #6' at]
diagram-standard.html: Standard MES Diagram
Diagram of a standard Manufacturing Execution System
[from 'White Paper #6' at]
goals.html: Goals
Goals of the D-Factory project
jobs.html: Jobs
Jobs available in the D-Factory project
mes.html: ReDefiniing the MES
Attributes of a scaled-down MES